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How To Bring Color Into Your Space Without Painting

1. Pick your colors

Picking colors for your apartment is possibly one of the most important things you can do for yourself. Color can change your outlook, mood and even your health. When picking a color palette for your space be sure to pick what you absolutely love. You can even pick several to start and look over them throughout the week in the space to see which ones you can’t live without. With color, there are so many different choices between all the shades, hues and tints; how does one choose color or combinations? Our recommendation is to go out to, which is a free-use Adobe asset that helps you pick, explore and create a color palette just for you.

2. Fabrics and Soft Goods

Fabrics and soft goods are a brilliant way to decorate a room and add a splash of color. You can hang curtains, add in throw pillows of varying sizes, and a bedspread can be a knockout statement piece when it comes adding color to your room. And if you can’t find your color, you can find fabric at almost any store, and they are super affordable if you feel like DIYing pillow covers and curtains.

3. Mirrors

A mirror is a great way to reflect light and make a room seem larger. Mirrors are inexpensive and easy to put up, especially if you have a hanging kit.

4. Plants & Flowers

Plants and flowers are a great way to brighten up a room. They come in a variety of colors and sizes, which allows you to totally customize your space. A lot of people think houseplants are difficult to take care of, but they actually aren't that hard. Make sure you water them regularly, feed them sunlight, and they will reward you by giving off oxygen all day long. A great local spot to find great products for all your flower & plant needs is Southdale Garden Center.

5. Rugs

A large area rug is a fantastic way to add color to an apartment. Rugs are a great way to soften the floor of a room. They can also be used to divide sections of a room. For example, you could have a rug in front of your couch and another under your dining table. Rugs are available in almost any size, color, and pattern. Be sure to coordinate your rug with your throw pillows, vases or curtains. This will bring those colors off the floor and up to eye level.

6. Artwork

Artwork is probably the best way to add color to your apartment. So, if you are a pro-DIYer or you love to create your own artwork, this opens the possibilities for a fairly cheap and easy way to express yourself creatively while simultaneously bringing color and personality to your space. But if you don’t fancy yourself an artist, you can always buy artwork at local stores, online from sites like Etsy & Amazon, or visit the art gallery at Hardline Coffee Co. to find a piece you just can’t live without. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you're happy with it first!

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