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15 Valentine's Day Date Ideas at Home

I thought 2021 just started but it looks like Valentine's Day is just a couple of weeks away! Usually you think of Hallmark cards, heart shaped chocolate boxes, & packed restaurants. Change it up this year. Here are 15 Valentine's date ideas that you can do from the comfort of your apartment!

  1. Spend the Night in the Living Room - pull the mattress out or lay out a bunch of pillows and blankets and have a camp out! Pack a picnic and enjoy a romantic indoor camping session.

  2. Make Dinner Together - Gather all of the ingredients for your favorite dish and have fun in the kitchen together! Best part is enjoying what you came up with when it's complete! But who is doing the dishes....

  3. Have a Board Game Night - Choose your favorite games and play the traditional way or with a romantic twist.

  4. Set the Mood - Just because your at home doesn't mean you can't make it romantic! Think candles, flowers, multiple course meal, fondue, and to go even all out -- dress in formal attire!

  5. Go Star Gazing - Pack up a thermos of hot chocolate, plenty of blankets, and head out to the country to look at the stars.

  6. Spa Night - Bubble baths, foot massages, face masks - the works!

  7. Get Artistic - Challenge each other to draw/paint one another

  8. Create Your Couple & Individual Bucket List

  9. Turn your Living Room into a Ballroom - Move the furniture out of the way and dance the night away like your senior prom! Make it even more fun by dressing in your formal attire or getting some old prom attire from a local thrift store!

  10. Try New Cocktails - Become the bartender for the night and mix up some new drinks!

  11. Movies & PJ's - Load up your favorite romantic comedy, get your coziest pj's on, and snuggle on the couch for a relaxing evening.

  12. Instagram Worthy Photoshoot - Create a fun Valentine's themed backdrop and have a photoshoot together!

  13. Dollar Store Shopping Spree - Set a budget of $10 a piece and purchase surprises for your date night! Kicker is-- you HAVE to use all of them that night!

  14. Go on a Small Road Trip - Spend the day being a tourist in your area with no destination in mind. You'll never know what you come across!

  15. Write Love Letters - If you've never done it before, write a letter to your partner telling them how special they are to you. Put your romance into words.

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