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5 Food Trucks in Siouxland

A new trend is taking place and we LOVE it! Anywhere you drive in Siouxland, you are almost guaranteed to run into a food truck. With Food Truck Fridays, YummiBlox, and Peter's Park, the Food Truck industry is booming in our city. We are so lucky to have some of the most delicious ones to choose from too. Below we list some awesome food trucks to check out next time you're looking to try something new.

  1. Señor Taco - Señor Taco is a newer truck in town and features some of the best Mexican food. You can expect home-cooked flavors and fast & friendly service. Take a look at their Facebook page to see where they are parked today!

  2. Kats Grub - Starting out in 2019, Kats Grub is really gaining momentum this year. Serving up soul food and fit meals, Kats Grub is sure to be a hit. Some of their most spoken about items are Egg Rolls, Fry Bread Nachos, and Indian Tacos. Kats Grub will keep you up to date on where to find them on their Facebook page!

  3. Lumberjack Daddy's - Lumberjack Daddy's really gained popularity when Fat Boy Food Blog posted about their Monte Cristo Hot Dog. Expect some American favorites with some new flavors at this truck. Keep up with them on their Facebook page!

  4. Chix Chicken & Waffles - The name speaks for itself! If you're looking for some fantastic chicken strips & waffles, this is the place to be! You can even get it spicy if you'd like. Keep up with where they are next on their Facebook page!

  5. Sweet Treats by K&B - This food truck has been in the game for a while, but is seeming to gain a lot of popularity this year! If you're craving fair food, this truck can take care of you. Pulled Pork to Nachos to Fried Oreos to Funnel Cake Fries, their wide menu can serve any craving! Their Facebook page can tell you where to find them!

This list would truly be never-ending if we were able to list all of the awesome food trucks we have in town!

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