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7 Tips to Keep Your Apartment Cool

It is hot, very hot in Siouxland right now. Nothing is worse than getting home and trying to cool off from the outdoor heat in a warm apartment. Even with fantastic air conditioners and fans, it is tough to keep up in this heat. Follow some of these tips below to keep your apartment crisp & cool.

  1. Block out the Sunlight - The more sunlight that leaks into your home, the hotter your home will be. Try to keep your blinds closed, especially during the hottest parts of the day. You can expect the hotter parts of the day to be from around 12pm - 3pm, but with this all day heat, it might be a good idea to keep them closed all day.

  2. Optimize Air Flow - Whether you realize it, air is moving through your apartment. You can create a better flow of air by closing off rooms that you're not using, so that the rooms most utilize can get the most air flow.

  3. Use Portable Fans - Easy right? Make sure to place it in optimal positions to get the best air flow around the room. If you're desperate to get your space to cool down, try putting a bowl of ice in front of your fan to create an air conditioner like effect.

  4. Make Sure your Fan Blades are in the Right Position - In the winter, your fan blades should be moving clockwise, in the summer, they should be moving counter clockwise.

  5. Avoid Heat-Making Kitchen Appliances - On really hot days like today, creating more heat is not the best decision. This means stay out of the kitchen (for the most part) ovens & stoves can create a substantial amount of heat in your apartment. Maybe try some microwave meals or meals that don't need to be cooked like salads or cold sandwiches. Or plan to make a crockpot meal to put off minimal heat.

  6. Put your Sheets in the Freezer - If your bedroom stays on the warm side, you totally can toss your pillowcases and sheets in the freezer before bed to make it easier to fall asleep.

  7. Stay Hydrated - Make sure you're drinking plenty of water on these extremely hot days!

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