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Budget Friendly Bathroom Decor Tips

Bathrooms tend to be a forgotten space when decorate your home (for some). It can be so easy & cost effective to continue your decor style into your bathroom! See below for some budget friendly bathroom decor tips & tricks.

Incorporate Indoor Greenery - This could even be real or fake! Bringing nature into your home will help brighten your room and create a beautiful aesthetic for your space.

Add a Splash of Color - Use brightly colored towels & hand towels, printed shower curtain, or colorful wall decor. It will help brighten any space!

Use Mirrors - Mirrors help any small space appear bigger.

Rugs - Use a fun colored or patterned rug to place in front of your shower or vanity to create warmth.

Baskets - Use baskets to create texture. Rattan, wicker, wire, or woven plastic can not only hold your necessities but also look super cute!

Add a Ladder - Put an over the toilet ladder up for extra towel storage!

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