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How to Prep your Apartment for Fall

Fall is just around the corner, and summer is slowly coming to a close. Here are a few things to do to prep your apartment for the fall.

  • Prep your patio. Give your patio a good sweep and get rid of any dead flowers or remaining planters from the summer. Add a seasonal mum to add a little color to your patio for the fall season.

  • Clear out your closet. Say goodbye to the tank tops, and hello to the long sleeves. Fall is a great time to donate or re-sale any clothes that you don’t want or wear anymore.

  • Turn on the heater. Test the heater and make sure it is working. Colder days are coming and you want to be prepared.

  • Decorations. Put away your summer decorations, and get out your pumpkins and fall-friendly decor. Fall scents are also always a good touch!

  • Warmer bedding. As the nights get cooler, you might want to swap the quilt for a heavier duvet or comforter.

These simple steps will help you get on your way to a comfy, cozy season in your apartment!

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