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Moving Hacks

Soon our second round of residents will be moving into our next finished building! Here are some moving hacks to make the whole process easier for you. Use these tips to make the packing, moving, and unpacking less overwhelming.

  1. Start the moving process at least a week or two in advance so you’re not overwhelmed with everything that needs to be packed.

  2. Declutter and Donate. Utilize Facebook Marketplace, craigslist, or a selling app to declutter those big items that won’t fit in your new space or items you’re ready to part with. Donate to your local Goodwill, Salvation Army, or the Gospel Mission with what you have left.

  3. Find free moving boxes. Check out grocery stores and retail stores! They throw out boxes daily and would be happy to give you their extras.

  4. Plan your meals or eat out. Easiest moving food that you can still cook are some frozen meals that you can thaw out and toss in the oven or utilize that crockpot or instapot!

  5. Have snacks accessible. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to forget to eat while you’re busy! You’ll need the sustenance to keep you moving on moving day.

  6. Measure your larger items to make sure they can fit through the door!

  7. Color Code your boxes to know which room they need to go in.

  8. Cut handles in the boxes that don’t already have them. This is time consuming but worth it.

  9. Pack plates vertically like records. They’re less prone to breaking that way.

  10. Pack clothes on hangers. Easier to unpack and throw straight into the closet!

  11. Remove hardware on furniture to reduce scratching other items.

  12. Keep disassembled furniture parts labeled in plastic bags.

  13. Bubble wrap mirrors and glass.

  14. If you’re using movers, transport your valuable items yourself, just in case.

  15. Take a photo of your wires in your electronics for easy hook up in the new space.

  16. Use your towels, sheets, and blankets to your advantage. Use them to wrap breakable items to keep them safe.

  17. Once you’re in, get rid of unpacked boxes as you go. Having all the clutter of boxes around gets overwhelming.

  18. Take personal time to relax! Moving is stressful and you deserve it.

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